NRI Cassava Programme

NRI staff and their expertise in cassava

Louise Abayomi
Processing, storage, product development, quality assurance, supply chain management, food safety, waste products

Sarah Arnold
Insect pest and behaviour related to cassava

Aurelie Bechoff
Processing, storage, physico-chemical analyses including texture, sensory analysis

Ben Bennett
Marketing, International trade, value chains, economics

Sophie Bouvaine
Plant Molecular Biology/Virology, Crop pests and diseases

John Colvin
Epidemiology, Integrated Pest & Disease Management, Conventional & Transgenic Crop Resistances, Systematics; Project Management

Claire Coote
Marketing and socio-economics

Lora Forsythe
Gender and monitoring and evaluation

Richard Gibson
Seed systems, viruses, breeding

Maruthi Gowda
Crop pests and diseases, molecular biology and biotechnological applications for crop improvement

Andrew Graffham
Industrial processing, microbiology, food safety, trade and standards

Rebecca Grimsley
Bioassay methods for cassava whitefly

Maaike Hartog
Monitoring and evaluation

Rory Hillocks
Integrated crop management, IPM, disease epidemiology, production for market

Ulrich Kleih
Value chain analyses, market studies

Ravinder Kumar
Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact

Hanneke Lam
Market economics

Richard Lamboll
Climate change and social development

John Linton
Commercialisation of cassava products

Kirsty Malpas
Insectary and glasshouse work

Andrew Marchant
Agricultural engineering

Adrienne Martin
Monitoring and Evaluation, communication, promotion and dissemination, gender

Diego Naziri
Value Chains, economics

Valerie Nelson
Monitoring and evaluation

Ola Ogunyinka
Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact assessment

Gideon Onumah
Finance and market economics

Corinne Rumney
Food quality assessment

Sue Seal
Molecular diagnostics for viruses of root and tuber crops, generation of healthy planting material and quarantine implications

Tanya Stathers
Climate change and postharvest losses

Gillian Summers
Communication, promotion and dissemination

Keith Tomlins
Root and Tuber Crops Programme Leader. President of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops. Processing, storage, consumer acceptance, food safety, waste products.

Andrew Westby
Food technology, processing, microbiology, value chains

Kolawole Adebayo, NRI Visiting Professor
Socio-economics and monitoring and evaluation

Paa-Nii Johnson, NRI Visiting Professor
Food processing and technology

Lateef Sanni, NRI Visiting Professor
Food science and technology

William Otim-Nape, NRI Visiting Professor
Agricultural innovation systems

Nanam Dziedzoave, NRI Visiting Fellow
Food production and quality management

PhD students at NRI and their project titles

Thomas Adadu Omachi
Microfinance as an Appendage Source in Financing the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria: A Case Study of Nigeria’s Cassava Middle Belt Region (North Central)

Gerald Akachi Otti
To identify CBSD-resistant cassava germplasm and genes

Jackie Atim
Whitefly resistance genes in wild cassava, Latin American and African genotypes.

Peter Beine
An economic assessment of the impact of improved cassava varieties and cassava seed delivery system on household production and welfare in Uganda

Lora Forsythe
The impact of staple crop value chain participation on the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Nigeria and Malawi

Saptarshi Ghosh
Understanding the mechanism and role of Wolbachia invasion in cassava whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in SSA

Sumesh Kakkunnath
Identification and characterisation of cassava genes conferring resistance to cassava brown streak virus.

Siji Kavil
Understanding how insects thrive on cyanogenic cassava plants

Tadeo Kaweesi
Cassava utilization interference using dehydration and symbiont genes

Habibu Mugerwa
Molecular characterisation of cassava-colonising populations of the whitefly, Bemisia tabaci

Annet Namuddu
Cassava-utilisation interference using detoxification genes

Erica Zonese Ngwensang
Understanding the mechanism and genes in cassava varieties resistant to CMD

Joachim Nwezeobi
Transcriptomic and genomic studies of African cassava whitefly

Barbara Ofori-Kyere
An Inquiry into the Current and Future Impacts of Climate Change on Ghanaian Crop Farmers and the Possibilities for Adaptation: A Case Study of two Districts in Ghana